Mabugz is a client to search in Bugzilla. It’s specially designed to search in the maemo Bugzilla but it's useful with any other Bugzilla.

Mabugz is written in Python and uses the GTK/Hildon libraries. Mabugz also uses the Python interface to Bugzilla, PyBugz. Pybugz is written by Alastair Tse.
I have modified it a bit in order that it work with python 2.5 and specially well with the maemo Bugzilla.

You can read information about that is Bugzilla in the Wikipedia: Bugzilla in Wikipedia.


To use Mabugz in your Nokia 770 or Nokia N800 you first will need install python: Pymaemo Installation

Then for install Mabugz you must go to its downloads page in the garage: Mabugz Downloads



Searching bugs

It's simple. Write a text in the search entry and press the Search button: Search
You can also search if you press Enter in your keyboard.
You can use Mabugz's main window in fullscreen if you press the avalaible button: Fullscreen

If you don't write anything in the search entry and press the search button, Mabugz will search all bugs in the Bugzilla.
This might be late enough time depending on the quantity of bugs that exists in the Bugzilla. For example, in, it might be late hours get all the bugs ;)

Scrolling: you can do scrolling with the scrollbar and with the keys UP and DOWN of the D-Pad

Filtering bugs

Filtering Filtering
You can filter your search setting some filter before committing this search. Filter

If first you fix a filter and then other one of different type, Mabugz will understand that you are fixing two filters and will look bugs that fulfill these two filters together.
For example, first you set a filter that searches only bugs with Status: "New" and later you choose other one with Severity: "Normal", Mabugz will look for all the bugs that are "New" AND "Normal".


Clearing Clearing
You can clean the searches or clean the filters that you have setted pressing Clear button: Clear

Clear All: it clears the search and all the filters.
Clear Search: it will clear the search, but if you had setted some filter it will remain activated
Clear Filters: it will clear the filters, according to the option that you choose: All, Status, Severity, etc.

Getting bugs

Bug Window Bug Window Menu
For get a bug, first you must realize a search and then activate Get button Get
You can also get the bug, doing a double click in the bug list.
For close this bug window you can use or the window menu option or use the Esc key: Close
You can put the window in fullscreen if you press the key Fullscreen and you can also do scrolling pressing the keys Up and Down of the D-Pad.
Mabugz allows you save the bug text as a text file. For it there uses the menu option.

Finally you can also download the attachments of any bug using its menu option.

You will get a dialog with the available attachments for download in order that you choose the attachment or attachments that you wish.